BEd Math

University of British Columbia Bachelor of Education

Concepts, abilities, and procedures for assessing educational claims, policies, and practices.

Introduction to principles and instructional procedures related to classroom management, instructional planning, and the assessment of learning as applicable across grade levels and subject matter fields.

Study and practice of communication skills in educational settings. Candidates will be required to demonstrate satisfactory oral communication abilities.

EDUC 319 – Orientation School Experience: Secondary

A two-week sequence of observations and instructional assignments in a selected secondary school.

Developmental characteristics of persons from pre-school age through adulthood. Physical, social, cognitive, moral, and emotional growth of both normal and exceptional children in grades 8-12. The teacher's role in assisting such students to deal with major developmental issues and problems.

EPSE 317 – Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom

The teacher's role in dealing with major developmental and special educational issues and problems within the regular classroom program, including working with supportive services, parents, and communities. Designated sections will focus on early childhood, middle childhood or adolescence.

Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics: Secondary

Mathematics Teaching: Problem Solving

Spring Semester 2002

EDUC 329 – Extended Practicum: Secondary

A developmental program of teaching practice, normally in one BC secondary school. Candidates will teach the subjects for which they have been academically and pedagogically prepared.

EDUC 420 – School Organization in its Social Context

The organization and administration of schools, including issues in governance, finance, and community and professional control and influence.

Summer Semester 2002

CUST 416C – Curriculum Studies in Mathematics Education

Advanced study designed to bring teachers up to date with current research and developments.

EDST 426 – History of Education

An examination of selected topics in the history of Canadian and British Columbian education and of the relationships between historical development and current educational policy.

EPSE 423 – Learning, Measurement and Teaching

Theories of learning and instruction; principles and practices in the assessment of classroom learning.

LLED 301 – Language Across the Curriculum in Multilingual Classrooms: Secondary

An examination of language across the curriculum in multilingual classrooms.

MAED 373 – Mathematics Teaching - Geometry and Measurement

Teaching geometry and measurement in the secondary mathematics classroom.

Fall Semester 2001

EDST 314 – The Analysis of Education

EDUC 311 – Principles of Teaching: Secondary

EDUC 316 – Communication Skills in Teaching

EPSE 306 – Education during the Adolescent Years

MAED 314A – Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics: Secondary

MAED 372 – Mathematics Teaching: Problem Solving