The Skinny on Obesity

Post date: Jun 5, 2012 12:10:00 AM

The University of California San Francisco, under the direction of Dr. Robert Lustig, has recently created a series of short videos explaining the obesity epidemic. The series is called The Skinny on Obesity. They are a little "light on the the science", but very easy to watch. The links to the seven episodes, and two 'extras', are below. I think the series was conceived after the 90 minute ("heavy on the science") lecture on sugar by Dr. Lustig had over 2 million views on YouTube. I've posted a link to that one, too, and it's well worth watching.

Episode 1: An Epidemic for Every Body

Episode 2: Sickeningly Sweet

Episode 3: Hunger and Hormones: A Vicious Cycle

Episode 4: Sugar - A Sweet Addiction

Episode 5: Generation XL

Episode 6: A Fast-Paced, Fast Food Life

Episode 7: Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol ... and Sugar?

Extra: Diet and Lifestyle Tips from UCSF Experts

Extra: Four Sweet Tips from Dr. Lustig

Sugar: The Bitter Truth