BBQ Restaurants


  • Memphis Blues, 1465 West Broadway -- satisfies my cravings for barbecue in Vancouver. My favourite is the pulled pork sandwich. For a bigger meal look for the country style ribs: all meat, no bones. Everything on the menu is great.

  • Slimz Barbecue Smokehouse & Grill, 2884 West Broadway -- I haven't actually been here since the name was changed from Fatzo's. I recall it having decent beef brisket, however I like the atmosphere at Memphis Blues much better.

Urbana, Illinois

  • Longhorn Smokehouse, 1104 North Cunningham Avenue -- This was the first place I ever tried barbecue (back in 1996) and my culinary tastes have never been the same since. I love the chopped beef brisket here and the sauce is superb.

San Francisco

  • Brother-In-Law's Bar-B-Que, 705 Divisadero Street -- I tried this place in July 2005 and it was awesome. It's strictly take-out, though.

  • Big Nate's Bar-B-Que, 1665 Folsom Street -- I tried this place in July 2000 and I recall the ribs being excellent. It's also take-out only.


  • Dusty's Bar & Grill, Creekside base -- Excellent pulled pork and brisket. I've only been a couple of times, though.

Issaquah, WA

  • Stan's Bar BQ, 58 Front Street -- Very tasty barbecue, with excellen sides, but not cheap. While I can't fault the food I prefer barbecue places where I order from a counter and I really don't like to see TVs while I eat. It's located in a very quaint historic main street, though. First visited in July 2006.

Burlington, WA

  • Double Barrel BBQ, 320 North Burlington Boulevard -- Quintessential barbecue joint, complete with plank floors, and peanut shells. The smoker is under a shack at the side of the restaurant. Great pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. First visited in August 2006, but I'll be back. UPDATE: after a fire in summer 2007 this place only does catering. Too bad!

Mount Vernon, WA

  • Reverie BBQ, 1300 South 2nd Street -- After the fire involving Double Barrel BBQ I was looking for a new BBQ pit stop on the road to Seattle. I found it in September 2008 in Mount Vernon! Reverie BBQ is a great little place with awesome brisket and beans. The prices are good and they have excellent soup, too. The owners regularly participate in barbecue competitions and it shows. I'll be back as often as I travel the road to Seattle.

West Newton, MA

  • Blue Ribbon Barbecue, 1375 Washington Street -- Excellent barbecue in this suburb of Boston. I had the pulled pork sandwich with the vinegar-based Carolina style sauce. Very good beans and great atmosphere. Highly recommended. Visited in July 2006.


  • Longhorn Barbecue Outpost , 103 1st Avenue -- Tried this Pioneer Square barbecue place in August 2006. The brisket sandwich didn't real seem like brisket. It was more of a sliced beef sandwich. I didn't really like the sauce it came with, but the sauce at the table was good. Good beans.

  • Smokin' Pete's BBQ, 1918 NW 65th -- First visit in August 2008. I liked this place. The brisket sandwich was really good. The beans were OK. The restaurant was comfortably casual.


  • Kansas City Bar-B-Q Shack, 5502 Lougheed Highway -- I made my first and probably last visit here in August 2005. At 7 p.m. on a Friday I was the only customer, even though the restaurant is located in a busy bowling alley. The pulled pork sandwich was ok, but bland, and the accompanying baked beans were pasty. The downfall of this place is probably the price: $9.95 for a pulled pork sandwich with two sides, more than 50% higher than Memphis Blues and vastly inferior.

Bellingham, WA

  • Speak E-Z's, 2400 Meridian Street -- I had lunch here in August 2005 and it was really good, if a bit pricey. The brisket sandwich was nice and the beans were excellent.

Places I'd Like To Try:


  • Pecos Pit BBQ, 2260 1st Avenue South

  • Jones Barbeque, 3216 South Hudson Street

  • Frontier Room, 2203 1st Avenue

  • R & L Home of Good Barbeque, 1816 East Yesler Way



  • Longhorne Barbecue, 404 North Havana Street

Any other places I should check out? Let me know!