I am a math and computer science teacher at VISST. Most of my teaching career has been spent teaching math, and you can view many of the math videos that I've created at my math page.

I've been playing around with HTML / CSS / Javascript to create simple web apps (in the spirit of Wordle). Here are a couple I've finished:

I enjoy physical exercise such as the Grouse Grind and running, cycling and triathlons. I've done three marathons, and on August 26, 2012 I completed the Ironman Canada race in Penticton. Over the last few years I've started regularly swimming in the ocean and now swim roughly two out of every three days throughout the year. I take a thermometer and record the temperature. Here's a chart showing all the temperatures I've recorded since I started recording temps in 2016 (you can compare with this site).  Here's the official site that shows the water quality test results locally. And, to answer all the questions about whether this activity is good for you, or not, here's an academic article: Cold Water SwimmingBenefits and Risks: A Narrative Review.

I've just recently (2022) started plotting the locations of all the monkey puzzle trees I come across.

Upon turning 50 I decided to do something "outside my comfort zone". So, I chose to run for MLA in the 2017 provincial election. I ran as an independent candidate in the Vancouver-Point Grey riding, and I prepared a platform document in support of more diversity in educational curricula in the province. I ended up garnering 84 votes. (Amazingly I was not last!) It was an excellent learning experience.

I'm interested in health and wellness. I highly recommend reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes. Here is a brief excerpt from the epilogue. You might be interested in watching this 90 minute lecture by Robert Lustig on fructose. After watching the lecture you can take a look at this spreadsheet with the fructose content of various foods. Here is an excerpt on longevity from a book by Desmond Morris. Mental health is, of course, just as important as physical health. Make sure you are not guilty of any cognitive distortions. And if you are already familiar with cognitive therapy, or rational emotive behaviour therapy, then you might find this REBT form helpful. And here's a handy graphic with 50 cognitive biases.

Cooking is an interest of mine, and have posted a few of my favourite recipes. I'm a big fan of Thai food and also of southern style barbecue. In August of 2012 I got around to buying a smoker so I could make some 'cue at home. In February 2017 I visited Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas and it lived up to its much hyped reputation. I waited four hours in line for what was truly the best barbecue I've ever had, especially the brisket.

A profile of me appeared in the UBC Faculty of Education Alumni magazine.

I had a great time during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, thanks to my brother, Robin.

Here is an obituary of my maternal grandmother, and an obituary of my maternal grandfather. And, here is my father's obituary.

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August 6, 1994
In Greece on our honeymoon.